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Telis 16 Pure RTS

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*Controls 15 Blinds

1 remote is enough to operate multiple blinds. Blinds can be controlled individually or collectively. Our Knowledge Centre is the ideal place to learn how to group blinds on the remote control, it really is as easy as copy and paste onto the required channel.

The remote control and motors are all battery powered with long life batteries. The blinds require charging approximately once per year, that is it! The remote battery will last more than 3-5 years depending on use.


Every blind offered by Smart Blinds Online comes remote controlled as standard. The clever motor system has a built in RTS receiver which the remote control communicates with.

The blinds have built in limits to stop the blind at the top and bottom without the need to stop it with the remote. One click up or down is enough to instruct the blind to go all the way to the limit, press the remote once and walk away knowing that the blind will finish in the desired position.

There is also the option of a third pre-set limit which can be set anywhere between the top and bottom limits. Smart Blinds Online will provide the instructions on how to best utilise this function.

Compatible with Alexa and Google.

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