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Smart Blinds Online products are motorised as standard. Blind motorisation has progressed dramatically over the past decade with the primary focus being on convenient power provided by battery rather than a mains-powered solution. The continual improvements in Lithium-Ion batteries have made it much easier to provide immediate, convenient, and rechargeable power. All blinds provided by Smart Blinds Online have integrated Li-Ion batteries, which means the blinds are completely wire-free. This removes the need for any additional electrical work to provide power to the window area, reducing the overall cost of the project and removing the need for additional, messy cabling.

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Imagine Smart Blinds in Your Home ...

You might find installing motorised blinds for your home is more cost effective than you think. If you do not have the exact measurements of your windows, use our handy estimator tool below to get an immediate estimate of the cost per blind. Simply choose the window type below for an idea of the price per blind for your home. All prices are based on our Dimout range. All blinds include a motor as standard but do not include remotes, chargers or the TaHoma Switch home hub.

Single Pane Window

  • Estimated Size = 650 wide x 1200 drop
  • Example Pricing = £144.00

Double Pane Window

  • Estimated Size = 1250 wide x 1200 drop
  • Example Pricing = £170.00


Triple Pane Window

  • Estimated Size = 1850 wide x 1200 drop
  • Example Pricing = £192.00

2 Panel Doors

  • Estimated Size = 1250 wide x 2100 drop
  • Example Pricing = £188.00


3 Panel Doors

  • Estimated Size = 1850 wide x 2100 drop
  • Example Pricing = £284.00 
  • Price includes upgraded motor.

4 Panel Doors

  • Estimated Size = 2500 wide x 2100 drop
  • Example Pricing = £376.00 
  • Price based on 2 blinds to cover area

5 Panel Doors

  • Estimated Size = 3250 wide x 2100 drop
  • Example Pricing = £541.00 
  • Price based on 3 blinds to cover area

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We’ve collated all the key information you need to purchase, install, and integrate your blinds into your Smart home. If you have a query before placing your order, while your blind is in production or after it arrives, all the details and information you will need is included here.

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