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Tahoma Hub

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The future has arrived

Motorising your blinds is the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. Adding a touch of connectivity opens up a world of possibilities.

Connected solutions from Smart Blinds Online helps you make the most of your home. TaHoma switch frees you from repetitive, mundane tasks and adds new features to your home. Enrich your daily experience by automating light control and privacy in your home.

Tahoma Hub is compatible with

  • Alexa
  • Google

Start your day with a simple voice command or a pre-set routine “Good Morning” can open all connected blinds and link to other automation in your home such as lighting, music and news alerts. Compatible with Alexa and Google.

The possibilities are endless, you can instantly create your own personal ambiance by launching your ‘scene’. For the sports fan a scene that closes the blinds, dims the lights, and increases the volume on your speakers ready for the big match on TV.

TaHoma Switch is compatible with up to 300 different Somfy and partner products.

Your Smart Home evolves according to your lifestyle. Smart Blinds Online assist the integration of window coverings into your home.

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