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Published on 10th May 2022

  1. Your motor will arrive with approximately 3 hours’ worth of charge, however we recommend charging the motor for a further 3-5 hours before installing.
  2. All motors have a charging port that is visible on the motor head. Simply plug the charger into this port to charge.
  3. It is important to respect the order of connection – plug in the blind/motor first, then plug into mains power.
Charging your blinds - graphic

4. Charging is complete when the LED indicator turns from red to green.

Charging your blinds - graphic

5. If the LED blinks red five times when any button is pressed. Your battery is weak and requires charging.

Charging your blinds - graphic

6. When disconnecting the charger, the disconnection order is the reverse of the connection – remove wall plug first, then remove charger from blind.

Charging your blinds - graphic

7. A full charge will take approximately 5 hours, this will provide up to 8 months use before needing to be charged again. This is dependent on size of the blind and frequency of use. Charging your motor once or twice per year will be sufficient based on one cycle (up and down) per day.

8. Battery chargers are not supplied as standard – there is no need for a charger per blind. 1 – 2 chargers per household is sufficient.

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