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Li-Ion Charger

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  • All blinds provided by Smart Blinds Online are battery powered and therefore require charging. 
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google.
  • There is no need for a charger per blind, 1 charger per household should be sufficient. 
  • We expect a full charge to last around 8-12 months depending on use and your blind will arrive with at least 3 hours charge.
  • The blind can stay in place when charging, simply connect the charger to the power point and then insert into your blinds motor head. 
  • The charger has a 2m cable, if your closest socket is further than 2m from the blind, you may need to use an extension lead to get the charger within the 2m range. 
  • Do not have the charger cable stretched to reach the blind, if it only just reaches, we suggest using an extension lead.