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Busy Parent

  • Busy mornings are made easier with the blinds raising at a set time, encouraging natural light into the children’s rooms and informing them that it is morning and time to get up and ready. 
  • The argument every night over whether the children have to go to bed is eased as the blinds lower to let the children know that bedtime is approaching. The blackout blinds have cut out the natural light making it feel like night time.

Global Business Traveller

  • Whilst travelling the world with work, the business traveller is away from their home more often than not. The automated blind system provides the added security of implied occupancy even when on board a plane, rushing through an airport or discussing work in a foreign country.
  • Having the blinds set up to operate at certain times, even linked to the sunset / sunrise in the blinds location. Any potential threat to the property is deterred as it appears that someone is in and operating the blinds, lights etc.

Single Living

  • It can be a quiet, lonely time living alone. An alarm clock will wake you up in the morning but a scene including the blinds raising and your favourite radio station or playlist playing is a much nicer and warm wake up call. 
  • At night when the natural light fades, adding instant security with the blinds lowering creates a safe environment, removing the opportunity for anyone to see in from outside.

Furniture Protection

The weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. Before leaving the house your Alexa confirmed the days weather and it is overcast. All blinds are left up but whilst out the weather has changed and the sun is now out and shining bright. What about that new rug and sideboard that are positioned in front of the window! Simply opening the app and asking for all blinds to close gives peace of mind that all furniture is now protected from the suns harmful rays.

Transforming A Home with Modern Elegance & Smart Functionality

Customer’s Requirement

The client’s primary need for this space was a seamless and modern shading solution that not only provided shade during the day but also instilled a sense of security when the longer nights arrived.

The Chosen Solution

Blockout Anthracite Smart Blinds with Anthracite Cassette and Matching Bottom Bar

The client chose a Blockout Anthracite Smart Blinds, a sophisticated and contemporary shading solution. The Anthracite cassette and matching bottom bar were chosen to blend seamlessly with the doors, creating an illusion of the blinds disappearing when raised. This choice not only addressed the functional aspect of providing shade but also contributed to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Anthracite blind

Smart Integration For Effortless Operation

The selected blinds were equipped with a motorised feature as a standard offering, ensuring easy and convenient operation. To streamline the control process, the client opted for a single Situo 5 RTS remote that operates all three blinds. This simplified control added convenience, allowing the client to manage the blinds with the touch of a button.

Seamless Integration With The TaHoma Switch Hub

Taking the modernisation a step further, the client invested in the TaHoma Switch Hub, linking all blinds to their WiFi smart home system. This integration allowed for centralised control and automation, offering the client the ability to manage the blinds through voice commands. With the integration of Alexa, the command “Alexa, close the door blinds” became a reality, providing an enhanced level of comfort and luxury in this beautiful home.

The Results

Installing Blockout Anthracite Smart Blinds with Anthracite cassette and matching bottom bar not only fulfilled the customers practical needs for shading and security but also added a touch of sophistication to the space. The seamless integration with smart home technology elevated the living experience.

With a well-thought-out choice of blinds, coupled with smart integration, can transform a home, providing not just shade but also a heightened sense of security and convenience.

Effortless Home Transformation Starts Here

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