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Questions you may have…

We are aware that purchasing motorised products online may be daunting and queries may arise during the process. This could be a question about how to measure your blind, how to process an order, or when your blinds have arrived how to install and set up your new blinds. The FAQ section of our website is designed to answer any query you may have with a concise and helpful answer. 

Our Guides then go one step further with detailed step-by-step information to help set up and configure your Smart Blinds

Before placing an order:

We’ve made this process very easy. Simply select the fabric (Dimout or Blockout) and colour you require. Enter your measurements when prompted. Select any additions you require e.g. remote, charger and/or hub. Add to your basket. Once you’ve added all your blinds to the basket, follow the instructions to confirm your order and make payment. If you have a question about our Smart Blinds, please get in touch with our team today!

To keep it simple, we only require 2 measurements – the Width and the Drop. Please refer to the Measuring Guide for more detailed information.

Yes of course. Simply follow the Estimator tool to gather a quick approximate quotation.

No, your blinds are motorised as standard but you need to purchase the TaHoma hub to access Smart features.

Yes. Please refer to the Fitting Guide for more information.

  • All Smart Blinds Online are WireFree, this means that they are powered by battery rather than being plugged in.
  • This removes the need for any electrical work, reducing the cost of installation.
  • This also allows a quicker, cleaner installation meaning that Smart Blinds Online can be installed at any stage even when the room is complete and decorated.

Query about my order before it arrives:

From the date that you order, our estimated lead time for your made to measure blind order is 3 weeks. Please refer to our delivery page for more information or contact our team.

Once an order is placed, it is very difficult to make a change as the blinds are all made to order and completely bespoke based on your requirements. As soon as you order your blinds the process begins so the window for change is very slim. If you need to make a change, send your information and the change required via the contact page and we will do our best to apply the changes.

Please refer to the order tracking service via UPS to get an update on your delivery once dispatched.

You can communicate directly with UPS regarding your delivery via their tracking service. This is the best way to find out where your order is. If you are based in the UK, click here for more information.

My order has arrived, but I have a query:

Please refer to the Fitting Guide for more information.

Your motor has been charged for approximately 3 hours already, however we encourage a full charge prior to fitting to give the blind the maximum age before needing to be charged again.
Treat your motor like your phone or tablet, charge overnight or during the day for at least 4-6 hours to give it a full charge. This charge will then last around 8-12 months depending on use and size of blind.

  • Your order will have a detailed label attached showing the sizes that the blind has been made. Please check this against your order confirmation to ensure that these details match.
  • If they match but the blind does not fit, this may mean that it has been measured incorrectly.
  • If the details do not match and the blind has been made incorrectly, please send us the details via the contact page and we will get this investigated and rectified urgently. We may require photos and may also require the blind to be returned to us for inspection.

  • If your package is damaged we advise rejecting the parcel with UPS or at least getting the delivery person to make a note that the package is damaged on arrival.
  • We will require images of the damage, so please take multiple images of the order to send to us so we can inspect.
  • We will get this rectified asap and communicate the solution and timescales.

TaHoma Queries:

TaHoma is the smart home system from Somfy that helps you to control your home. Use your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker to remotely control your blinds. Scenarios can also be programmed to start automatically at a set time, for example, all blinds to lower at sunset. You decide which blinds are to be controlled and how.

The TaHoma hub receives a signal from a smart device and converts this signal to the relevant RTS signal to communicate with the blind. Essentially the hub sends the blind the same signal that the remote control would but remotely. This removes the need to use the remote.

Once the hub is plugged in, simply follow the step-by-step process to set up your account. Your blinds are then entered individually into the app via the TaHoma interface, where they can be named so they are easily recognized.

With all your blinds entered in the TaHoma app you can create a Scenario. A Scenario is where you can select and organise a series of commands that you send simultaneously to the blinds you want to control. This means that rather than instructing each blind individually to raise/lower you can group them together and instruct all blinds to raise/lower with one command.

A scenario can be activated using the TaHoma app. It can also be linked to your smart speaker app or a connector app like IFTTT. The Scenario can be instructed as a one-off command, or it can be set to activate at a specified time on a regular basis, for example, raise all blinds at sunset.

Yes, simply search for ‘TaHoma by Somfy’ in the relevant app store and download the app for free.

Yes, you can download the Tahoma app on multiple devices free of charge. Simply enter the same account details that have been set up already, there is no need for the second device to have an additional account. Once logged in using the original account details, you will see all of the blinds and will be able to operate and create new scenes and scenarios.

You need to have an active Internet connection and an available power outlet. TaHoma will work best with a reliable fast internet connection.

It obviously depends on how many products you have to integrate and how many automatic settings you want. You should connect the TaHoma box to the Internet modem, activate the TaHoma box and add your devices/products. Once this is done, you program your scenarios and other settings to customise your home for your lifestyle. A simple installation normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Yes, you can purchase your blinds from Smart Blinds Online and when installed, link them to your existing hub.

Any Somfy RTS or IO operated product can be linked to the TaHoma hub. This includes blinds, awnings, screens, lighting, security sensors, skylights and garage doors, etc.

Yes. If TaHoma is down for any reason, you can always use your Somfy remote control. Control via phone, tablet or computer browser will not work.

You will be able to operate your blinds with the remote control, but you will NOT be able to operate the blinds via TaHoma without internet connection.

If your TaHoma is not working because of problems with the Internet connection, contact your Internet supplier.

Security is guaranteed at all levels. Every time you turn on a device, the security code changes automatically. There is also a security key for each house, which offers the same level of protection as Internet banking systems. TaHoma has been awarded "very safe" by the well-known and respected German IT security company SySS. Somfy received this certification following extensive testing by the IT specialists at SySS.

Your personal information is protected by EU legislation and confidentiality. Your details will never be disclosed to third parties without your approval first.

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