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Published on 24th May 2023

Electric blinds aren’t just for windows – patio or bifold doors can benefit greatly from them too. External doors feature large, glass windows and blinds will help to improve the privacy, energy efficiency and light control of your home. Although similar to regular window blinds, there are some key considerations to make when investing in and installing electric door blinds

Installing Electric Blinds On Doors   

The installation process for setting up electric blinds on a door is a simple and straightforward one. The first step – and one of the most important ones – is taking the right measurements. The key measurements to take are the width and drop of your door. We will then be able to design and manufacture totally bespoke door blinds that are sure to look great and operate correctly. 

Your blinds should arrive within a few weeks once you’ve placed your order online. You then have the option of hiring a professional to install them for you or taking it on yourself. Whilst the installation process is quick and simple, it’s essential that it is carried out correctly to ensure your blinds are safe and fully operational. Use our fitting instructions to guide you throughout the process and to get valuable information on how to fit your electric blinds with and without a fascia. 

Why Should I Install Electric Blinds On Doors?

Ease of Use

Electric blinds offer users a simple, straightforward solution that makes blinds operation quick and easy. Control your blinds using a remote control or mobile app and enjoy completely cord-free operation. Open all the blinds in your home at once or open one single system from the comfort of your bed – the possibilities are endless.  

Users can also make their blinds into automated blinds by connecting to a smart home device such as the TaHoma Smart Hub. This will act as the main control panel for your blinds and the rest of the smart devices in your home. By integrating this with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you have the power to set up fully automated ‘scenes’ or control your blinds using voice operation. Preset routines can be set to trigger at a particular time of the day or by saying a simple command such as ‘good morning’.

Fully Bespoke and Customisable

All motorised blinds found on Smart Blinds Online are fully bespoke and customisable to ensure that your window coverings fit seamlessly into your home. By providing the right measurements, our team will produce high-quality blinds that fit perfectly into their desired space. This keeps them looking their best and means there won’t be any operating issues that may come with an ill-fitting blind.

Our motorised blinds also come in a variety of fabric types and colours to fit your home’s style. Whether you want a dimout or blackout blind, or a black or taupe fabric colour to match your interior, Smart Blinds Online have the right blind for you.

Sleek, Modern Design

Regular blinds have the ability to make a space look too busy and overly cluttered – but not electric blinds. With completely cord-free operation and a simple design, electric blinds are sure to bring a modern and sleek design into your home. 

Enjoy the View 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of bifold doors is that they allow you to see out into your garden area and enable light to flood into your home. It’s important that your blinds don’t impact the view or light levels when you don’t want them to. Electric blinds offer a valuable solution as they can disappear fully into a fascia when closed and do not have any chords that have the potential to make your doors look busy and cluttered. 

Choosing Electric Blinds For Your Doors

Choosing electric blinds for your doors is not without considerations and there are some key things to bear in mind. The first thing is to consider the fabric type for your motorised door blinds. For rooms with TV or computer screens, it could be a good idea to think about blackout blinds to help reduce glare. Alternatively, dimout blinds are generally more suitable if you require a smaller amount of light control.

Blinds in modern living area

The next consideration to make is whether you want one blind per door panel or one blind for multiple doors. There is no right or wrong option here and it is completely down to your own personal taste and budget. You can try out the bi-fold visualisation tool to see which style you prefer. 

Finally, choose the right control methods for your smart blinds. The first thing you will have to consider is your remote control – there are a number of different options on the Smart Blinds website. The Situo 1 Pure RTS controls one blind at a time for example, whereas the Situo 5 Pure RTS and Telis 16 Pure RTS control 4 and 15 blinds respectively. Again this comes down to personal preference and how many smart blinds you have in your home. 

You also have the choice of multiple smart home devices that will turn your blinds into automated blinds, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. By integrating with your smart blinds and TaHoma Hub users have the option of controlling their blinds through voice control. Set up ‘scenes’ and have them open and close automatically at preset times.  

Contact Smart Blinds Online Today!    

Smart Blinds Online have a selection of electric door blinds. Our blinds come as fully electric dimout or blackout blinds and are available in a wide range of colours. Our electric blinds are perfect for making your home easier to manage and more efficient, as well as providing the same high levels of privacy and light control as regular blinds. 

If you’re interested in investing in any of our motorised blinds, contact Smart Blinds to find out more. 

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