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Electric blinds are the first step to making home life more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity are always optimised without having to think about it. Smart Blinds Online allow you to enjoy the comfort that automated blinds provide. Whether waking up or working from home, automatic blinds open, adjust and close quietly ensuring a perfect balance between natural and artificial light.

Smart Blinds offer a range of blind solutions for your home, all of which offer full automation and voice control when paired with a smart home device. Users also have the option to operate remote control blinds with the touch of a button by using a remote if necessary.

Installing our smart roller blinds into your home is more cost-effective than you may think. Use our handy estimator tool to get a rough idea of how much installation would cost. Simply choose your window type, whether it be single, double or triple, and get an instant estimation today.

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A Clean, Modern Look With Electric Blinds

Get a modern look in your home by installing motorised blinds today. Because our blinds are fully electric and battery-powered, there is no need for messy chords for operation. Our products can be automated or operated using voice control. This creates a sleek look for your home’s interior, and makes a safer, cordless environment for pets and young children.

There are lots of options available, Smart Blinds Online only use the most versatile and top-quality motor systems from Somfy. Speed, sound, and battery life are very important when choosing your electric blinds. We have taken care of this and only provide the very best motor systems to operate your electric blinds.

Make Your Life A Little Easier With Electric Blinds

Electric roller blinds will make your everyday life simpler and more efficient, so much so you will wonder how you ever survived beforehand. When combining your blinds with the Tahoma Hub smart home device and a smart speaker, your blinds can be controlled via voice. Open your blinds from the comfort of your bed, or when you don’t have a free hand to spare.

With the addition of light sensors, your blinds can operate automatically. As sunlight enters the room, the sensor adjusts the blinds to the down position. This can protect interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays and temperature levels are maintained to reduce the effect of heat gain during the warmer months. When sunlight levels decrease, the sensor adjusts the blinds to the up position.

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Electric Blinds Are Compatible With… 

All of our blinds are fully compatible with a range of smart home features to make blind operation faster and simpler. 

Tahoma Hub – Connecting your smart blinds to the Tahoma Hub opens your blinds up to a world of possibilities. This easy-to-use solution takes away the mundane operation of the regular blind, allowing for full automation by creating ‘scenes’. Integrating the Tahoma Hub with other smart devices in your home to create a fully connected home experience.   

Amazon Alexa – All of our Smart Blinds can be used with Amazon Alexa devices for full automation and voice control. 

Google Home – For Google users, our blinds are also capable of linking with Google Home devices such as the Echo Dot. 


Helping You Transform Your Home With Electric Blinds

Here at Smart Blinds Online, we offer a range of cutting-edge blind solutions for your home. All of our roller blinds come in a wide range of blind fabrics and colours for maximum choice. Whether you need something stylish for your living room or a blackout blind for a child’s bedroom, you are guaranteed to find something that matches your home’s interior

Our products are modern in their design and will help to minimise the boring manual operation of your regular blinds. Connect our blinds to other smart devices and you can create a fully integrated home whereby blinds, lights and more can be controlled automatically or via voice.

Contact a member of our team today to make an enquiry or view blinds products here.

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