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Published on 30th November 2022

What Are Automated Blinds?

Automated blinds, also known as smart blinds, are a type of electric blind that are operated automatically by an in-built motor. They can be operated in a number of different ways, including by voice, a light sensor, a smartphone app or a smart home system.  

Electric blinds on their own are not necessarily classed as automated or smart blinds – they must be linked to a smart home device such as the TaHoma hub. Once linked, blinds can be set to open and close at specific times, and can be operated using voice control when used alongside Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  

Automating your electric blinds is a great way of making your home easier to manage, safer and more energy efficient. Now that we’ve covered what an automated blind is, let’s try and understand how they work and how they are used to benefit your home. 

How Do Automated Blinds Work?

Automated blinds work by using an in-built motor that turns the blind shaft when operated to open and close the blinds. For maximum convenience, automated blinds are powered using Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries can be recharged easily which means that blinds can be operated without the use of impractical wiring. Our own automated blinds come fitted with long-life batteries that last for 6 months on one charge.    

How Do You Control An Automated Blind?

Automated blinds can be controlled in a number of different ways depending on your requirements. The basic way to control an electric blind is via remote control. Our blinds come with a remote control as standard which communicates with an RTS receiver in the blinds. Blinds can be set to fully open or closed with the simple click of a button or can be set to a third preset that allows the blinds to open to any level. One single remote control is enough to operate multiple blinds and blinds can be operated collectively or singularly.  

As mentioned previously, to fully automate your electric blinds you will need to link them to a smart home system such as the TaHoma Switch home hub. Just one home hub is required to easily control all smart devices in your home. Once set up, your blinds can be set to open and close at certain times of day and automated using scenes and scenarios. 

Blinds can be connected to existing scenes or can be the starting point for new scenarios to connect your home and make everyday life easier. When integrated with IFTTT (If This Then That) users can link other smart devices from around their home. Scenarios such as ‘close the kitchen blinds when the light is switched on’ are a great way of fully automating your home.

Your TaHoma Switch hub should be linked to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home to create voice-controlled blinds. As the name implies, voice is used to control your blinds by saying commands such as ‘close all blinds in the kitchen’. You could also set automations this way using commands such as ‘set all blinds to open at 7AM’.    

Automated roller blinds in modern home

Smart Blinds can also be fitted with light sensors for a fully automated experience. Depending on the light level coming into a room, your blinds will automatically adjust without the need for manual control. When light comes in during the morning, your blinds will open, and when the sun goes down they will begin to close. Your blinds will also close when the sun is at its peak. This is a great way of protecting your interior furnishing from harsh sunlight and helps to automatically keep your home cooler in the summer months. 

Why You Should Invest In Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are a fantastic solution for your home. Importantly, they help to cut down on the hassle of regular blinds and make everyday life in your home easier. All blinds in your home can be automated to open and close at a set time to help save time. This also makes them a great option if anyone in your home has a mobility issue. Voice control or automation cut out the need for getting up and manually opening your blinds.  

Another benefit of automated blinds that is often overlooked is the savings they make to your energy bills. You are able to increase the energy efficiency of your home by setting the blinds to open and close at the preset times. Maximise the heat coming into your home during winter by opening your blinds at sunrise, then close them at sunset to help keep heat in. This is handy for maintaining the heat in your house, even when you’re not at home. 

Automating your electric blinds are also a great option if you are considering the security of your home. Thieves are more likely to be deterred when you aren’t in if they see the blinds opening and closing regularly. When used with a TaHoma Switch home hub, you can link to smart bulbs to maximise the impression that someone is home when they’re not. This is useful when leaving for long periods of time such as holidays. 

Lastly, automated blinds are cordless to make for a safer blind for young children and pets. Cords and wires found on regular blinds pose a threat as they can easily get tangled and become a danger in your home. 

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All of the blinds from Smart Blinds are motorised as standard. To automate, simply add the TaHoma Switch home hub to your setup and integrate it with the rest of your smart home. Our automated blinds provide a simple, everyday solution that makes your home easier to manage, safer and more energy efficient.   

Interested in finding out more about our wide range of automated blinds? Contact a member of our team today and we’ll discuss the best electric blind option for you and your home.  

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