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Published on 8th March 2023

What Is The Best Type Of Blinds For Commercial Offices?

Blinds are among the most important considerations for the interior of your office space. They help to manage light levels, regulate your temperature, improve your privacy and lots more. In particular, automated blinds offer a great solution to some of these key issues and should be a serious contender when looking for new office blinds.   

Their quick, simple designs can save you valuable time as they completely cut out the manual actions required for regular blinds. Not only this but they will give your office a professional, sleek finish and can be designed to fit your company’s taste and branding. Let’s look at why automated blinds are the best option when choosing corporate blinds for your office.  

Invest In Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are one of the best options for companies looking for commercial blinds. They offer a wide range of solutions to everyday issues – much more than simply controlling the light levels in a space: 

Temperature Control

Automated blinds play an important role in managing the temperature in your office space. During exceptionally hot days blinds are used to block out the sun and therefore keep an office cool. Likewise, office blinds form an extra layer of insulation on colder days as they trap air in between the window and the blinds.

Controlling the temperature in your office is important as it helps to keep your staff comfortable whilst they work. Not only will an uncomfortable office reduce your staff productivity, but you have to make sure your working environment is up to scratch.

Privacy & Security

Natural light is hugely important and many office buildings feature large windows – especially in newer office blocks. Whilst this is great for your staff, it does add an issue with privacy as anyone can easily see inside of your workplace. This not only makes for an uncomfortable work experience for your staff but also poses security issues.

Automated blinds are a great option for keeping your office safe at all times, even when there are no staff present such as Christmas holidays. Potential burglars will be discouraged from entering if they see your automated blinds opening and closing. Blinds will also prevent anyone from being able to look inside your workplace which will add an extra element of security.  

Help To Reduce Energy Bills

Closely linked with temperature control, automated blinds are a great option if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills. They allow you to preset a time for opening and closing. For example, on colder days you can set your blinds to open at sunrise to ensure all the heat pours through during the day. Then setting them to close at sunset will help to keep the heat in. 

Likewise, preset your automated blinds to close during the hottest part of the day in summer to keep your workplace cool. This helps to save on heating bills and any electricity used on air conditioning units. 


Rollers in the Office

Easy Operation

Manually opening and closing your office blinds is a chore, especially if you have a big office with lots of windows. This will eat into your daily routine and waste time as you have to enter every individual room to open and close your blinds.

Automated blinds cut this work out entirely and the hard work is already done for you. Your blinds will automatically open when you enter your office and will close when you leave or when the sun sets. Alternatively, you can control your blinds using a remote control or smartphone, or could link them to a smart home device for voice control. 

Improve Appearance Of Office

Upgrade the appearance of your office by investing in automated blinds in a range of colours and styles. Choose a style that fits your office and select a colour to make sure your blinds remain on brand. Automated blinds are also unlike regular blinds as they do not feature a cord, meaning they help to make your office space look clean, modern and sleek.    

Prevent Glare From Screens

Glare is a common occurrence in many offices and it will make things difficult as your staff try to go about their daily work. This is a particular issue for modern offices with more windows, or for buildings that are South, East or West facing.

Automated blinds offer a valuable solution as they block out the direct sunlight that could cause glare on a screen. Even if the sun only comes through one window at a certain time of day, you can fully automate that individual blind to close to block out the light.  

Find The Perfect Automated Blinds For Your Office

Finding the right blinds is an important part of getting the perfect interior for your office and you want to ensure the purchase is right for you. Automated blinds are no different and there are a range of options available to you when purchasing. 

The first consideration should be which style and colour you want to go for. Electric roller blinds are a great option if you want a modern, sleek look to your office space. They can be designed in a wide range of colours to suit your branding and are made from a tough, durable fabric that offers fantastic light control capabilities. 

The next thing you should think about is which smart home device you want to use. All of our blinds come electric as standard, but this doesn’t mean they are automated. Link with a smart home device such as the TaHoma Switch Hub to fully automate and begin setting up scenes. The TaHoma Hub is connectable with Alexa and Google Home which will open up the possibilities of voice operation for your blinds. 

Choose Smart Blinds for your Automated Office Blinds

Smart Blinds Online have a wide range of automated blinds for you to choose from, in a range of colours and styles. Our commercial blinds will integrate seamlessly into your office space and provide quick, simple everyday window covering solutions that help to save time, money and more.

If you’re interested in investing in automated office blinds for your business, contact a member of the Smart Blinds team.

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