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Published on 4th October 2022

Can Alexa Control My Window Blinds?   

In short, yes, Alexa can control your blinds. By using electric blinds with smart technology, you can fully control all the blinds in your home, either by voice or by automating preset controls. Alexa-controlled blinds can be connected to your Alexa device quickly and simply by joining your Amazon account with your control device. From there you can use your voice to control your blinds, or set a specific time for your electric blinds to open and close by saying something like “Alexa, set blinds in all bedrooms to open every morning at 7 AM”.    

Your control device will need to be something like the Tahoma Hub. This will be able to communicate with both your Alexa and your electric blinds and allow you to fully control both with one simple, easy-to-use the device. Once your Tahoma Hub is plugged into an electricity supply using a 3-pin power plug, you will then need to plug it into the home router. Your device will then communicate with your blinds and Alexa using radio signals. With the Tahoma Hub, you can also easily control your blinds using a mobile or web app – perfect for when you’re on an important work call and need to open or close your blinds.  

With the clearly laid out interface of the Tahoma Hub, you can also control all smart devices in your home, such as thermostats, lighting, garage doors and more. This will act as the control panel to your entire home 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Voice-Activated Blinds?  

Voice Activated Blinds Are Hands-Free

Voice activation is something that you don’t know you need until you get it. With voice-controlled blinds, you can fully control your blinds without using a handset, switch or mobile device. This can be extremely useful when you’re busy doing other things, or when you have no hands free to operate it manually. Alexa-controlled blinds offer a simple and easy way of operating, completely hassle-free.  


Full Automation

With voice-activated blinds, you can set up fully automated presets that can open or close your electric blinds at certain times of the day. A great way of using this is by setting your blinds to open at a certain time in the morning as a part of your morning routine. Simply say ‘Alexa, open the blinds at 7:30 AM in the morning’, and your blinds will do the rest.    

Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

To help improve the energy efficiency of your home, your blinds will need to be opened and closed at the right times. During winter, it’s important that your blinds are opened as soon as the sun comes up to heat your home naturally using sunlight. Then in the evenings, your blinds should be lowered to retain the heat inside your house. With fully automated blinds you can set your blinds to automatically open and close at set times.

Motorised Blinds Improve Child Safety

Motorised blinds are a great way to make your home more child friendly. Chains, wires and chords can be dangerous for young children, so it’s a great idea to get rid of them entirely in rooms where children will be.

Amazon Alexa Echo Hub

Automated Blinds Improve Home Security 

Automated blinds help to protect your home when you’re away by making it appear as though you’re in. When your blinds are opened and closed each day, this can act as a deterrent for any thieves looking to target your property. By using a product like our Tahoma Hub, you can also fully control your lighting to further protect your home. 

Investing In Automated/Voice Activated Blinds

Investing in Alexa-controlled blinds is a great way of making your home easier to manage. Smart blinds can easily be set up and offer you a quick and simple way of controlling the blinds in your house. Use your voice to control specific blinds in your home, or set up preset controls for certain days and times with full automation.

If you’re interested in Alexa-controlled blinds for your home, speak to a member of our team by visiting our contact page and we would be happy to help. 

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