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Published on 22nd December 2022

The main benefits of automatic roller blinds are increased convenience during blind operation, as well as boosting the security and energy efficiency of your home. Automatic blinds can be operated without using chords to open and close them. Instead, set up automation to operate your blinds at certain times of day, or combine with a smart home device to control via voice. It is important to understand the benefits of electric blinds beforehand so you can see the varied ways they will impact your everyday life.  

Smart Blinds Online features a range of electric blind solutions to help make your home easy and simple to operate. All you have to do is provide us with the width and drop of your windows and we will provide your blinds and home hub ready to set up to your home automation system. 

automated blinds

Wake Up In Style

Waking up in the correct way is a surefire way to set you up for the rest of the day. Alarm clocks can be jarring and can make you feel groggy when you get out of bed. With a smart blind, you can automate your blinds to open and close at certain times of day. 

Getting up in the mornings is easy when your blinds automatically open to allow sunlight into your bedroom. Not only is this a natural and gradual way to start your day, but it’s thought that exposure to sunlight in the mornings can impact your mood and alertness for the day ahead. Some studies have also found that you may also find it easier to fall asleep in the evening by waking up using sunlight. 

Automated blinds will also cut out any boring manual operation in the mornings. You can even stay in bed whilst your motorised blinds do the work for you. 

Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas

Sometimes opening your blinds is a hassle. More often than not there’s furniture in the way that causes you to lean over, climb and contort yourself just to open or close your blinds. This may even be dangerous, especially if your blinds are high up. Cut out all the stress and operate your blinds from anywhere in your home. Use a remote control, automate them or use your voice to make operating those hard to reach blinds quick and simple.  


The purpose of a smart home is to cut out any dull manual activity that can end up eating into your day, and smart blinds are no different. They create totally convenient solutions thanks to their easy, cordless operation. As mentioned, set up automation to have your blinds open and close at set times. Voice operation is also useful in instances where your hands are full, such as when you’re carrying shopping or dealing with a child. Simply say the words ‘open blinds’ and get on with your day. 

By integrating your electric blinds with a smart home device such as the Tahoma Hub, you have the ability to create ‘scenes’ within your home and include your blinds. With a simple voice command such as ‘good morning’, you can set your blinds to open, lights to turn on and for your coffee machine to get up and running. This will require using smart plugs and smart lighting, but it’s all possible with a smart home. 

Added Security

The security of your home may not be something you necessarily think about when it comes to electric blinds, but you should. Using automated blinds will help to deter thieves from your home when you’re not in. Your blinds will continue to open and close as normal, giving the impression that someone is home to onlooking trespassers. This is perfect when you’re away for long periods of time such as holidays. 

Energy Efficient

Heat is lost through the windows in your home, but blinds offer a valuable solution to help keep energy in during winter. Roller blinds create a valuable layer of protection in your windows to boost the energy efficiency of your home. It’s crucial that we save as much energy as possible and reduce our bills as best we can in the current economic climate.  

Electric blinds are even better as they open and close automatically if set up to do so. Heat from the sun will enter your home from sunrise as your blinds open, and then be contained inside as the sun sets and your blinds close.  

How To Choose Automatic Roller Blinds

Choosing the right automated roller blinds for your home isn’t as straightforward as you might think – there are some key considerations to make before going ahead. First and foremost you must choose the colour and style of your blind. Smart Blinds Online features a wide range of blind styles and fabrics (either dimout or blocout) to ensure you find something that’s right for your home. Consider what rooms your blinds are for – for a childs room a blackout blind may be necessary, but a living room may only require a dimout blind.  

You also need to consider the size of the blinds that are required. To make it as easy as possible, we only ask for the width and drop measurements. The best way is to use a metal tape measure as this will ensure accurate results. Take into account whether or not your blinds sit in a recess as this will change your measurements.

Lastly, you should consider what add-ons you want for your electric blinds. Your blinds only come motorised and will not come smart as standard. You should invest in the Tahoma Hub separately to access smart features.

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