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Published on 27th March 2024

Energy consumption is becoming a threatening issue in the United Kingdom, according to a report published by the House of Commons Library, the average yearly bill for standard gas and electricity usage between January and March 2024, capped at direct debit prices, stands at £1,928. While this is lower than the £2,380 threshold set by the Energy Price Guarantee between October 2022 and June 2023, it marks a 59% increase compared to Winter 2021/22. 

The number of people opting for smart homes devices on the other hand is steadily increasing in the UK for the 9th year consecutively. The UK hence requires a more energy efficient alternative to keep up with their smart home desires. Smart electric blinds come as a perfect rescue in such situations. They are not only stylish, sleek and modern but are dynamic in their usage and of course immensely light on the pocket.

5 ways in which smart electric blinds can help save you money

Energy Efficiency

Smart electric blinds offer energy savings and home efficiency benefits. By programming blinds to open and close based on season and lifestyle, you can capture natural light during winter, reducing heating costs. Up to 50% of heating energy can escape through windows, but window coverings can help insulate and save energy. Smart electric blinds can integrate with smart home systems for automation, optimising energy usage and providing convenience through remote control or voice commands. Investing in these innovative blinds can lead to a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

Reduced HVAC Usage

Smart electric blinds effectively control sunlight entering homes, reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems. According to studies, up to 30% of a home’s heating energy can be saved by properly managing sunlight with window coverings. Additionally, smart blinds can lower cooling costs by up to 33% during warmer months. This efficient management of sunlight not only leads to lower energy bills but also contributes to overall energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

Automated Scheduling 

With automated scheduling, smart blinds offer tailored energy efficiency. By aligning with your daily routine, they optimise natural light utilisation and insulation. For example, opening in the morning allows natural light to brighten interiors, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating. Conversely, closing them in the evening enhances privacy and insulation, minimising heat loss. This personalised approach not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy consumption and costs.

Remote Control and Integration

Remote control and integration features empower users to manage smart blinds conveniently, whether at home or away. Through smartphone apps or integration with smart home systems, users can remotely adjust blinds to optimise energy efficiency. This capability ensures continuous energy savings by allowing users to react to changing conditions, such as sudden temperature shifts or unexpected changes in sunlight, without needing to be physically present, enhancing comfort and reducing energy waste.

Compatibility and Integration

Tahoma Hub: Connect your smart blinds to the Tahoma Hub for full automation and the creation of customised scenes, integrating seamlessly with other smart devices in your home.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home: Smart Blinds Online’s products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing for voice control and full automation.

Long-term Investment

Despite their higher initial cost compared to traditional blinds, smart electric blinds offer substantial long-term benefits. The potential energy savings accrued over time justify the initial investment, making them a cost-effective choice. Additionally, their advanced features, such as automated scheduling and remote control, enhance convenience and comfort, further increasing their value. In the long run, the combination of energy savings and enhanced functionality makes smart blinds a smart and worthwhile investment for homeowners.

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