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Published on 7th July 2022

There may be an instance where you need to reset your motor and start again, we tend to recommend this as a last resort and to view the other guides within the Knowledge Centre before resetting your motor.

Please note that if you choose to reset you motor it will no longer be linked to the remote control and if this blind is linked to your TaHoma Switch, it will no longer respond and will need to be added again.

Follow this guide to return your blind to factory settings and start the set up from the beginning.

1. Press and HOLD the program button on the motor head until the blind completes 3 up and down movements. This will be approximately 12-15 seconds. Once the blind has completed the THIRD up and down movement, release the program button. Your motor is now reset.

2. If you are using a multi-channel remote, use the blank select button to select the channel that you want the blind to respond to.

Single channel remotes
up and down buttons
Button illustration
Button illustration

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