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Published on 9th February 2024

Blackout Blinds and Dimout Blinds, sound quite similar, don’t they? In the era of aesthetics, one of the primary issues people come across in the case of décor is the kinds of blinds to choose from. These simple looking pieces of fabric, while largely useful, are also a star performer in the aesthetic game. However, blinds do a lot more than just amp up the ambience of your house or surroundings. They are also responsible for adding privacy and guarding the interiors of the house from external sight. The dynamic potential of blinds is something to explore and who does it better than yours truly, Smart Blinds Online. We understand your requirements as much as we understand our blinds. While the options available in the market are innumerable, it really depends on the requirements of the blinds that should be determining the purchase, but before we jump into the advantages and purposes of each, let’s understand what they are…

Dimout Blinds

Dimout blinds are specifically engineered to filter sunlight when entering a room, providing a subtle ambience and privacy. The term “dimout” might indicate the ability to block out light, this is not exactly the case, they filter light rather than blocking it out. Dimout Blinds tend to reduce the amount of light through the windows by 50-65% depending upon the quality and colour of the material. These blinds are thinner plus they weigh slightly less than their blackout siblings.

Pros of Dimout Blinds

Dimout blinds are excellent noise and light reducers (not eliminators), so who can benefit from them?

Cons of Dimout Blinds

As we saw, dimout blinds provide a range of advantages, however to make an informed choice, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of any commodity. Here are some negative points of blockout blinds:

Blackout Blinds

The main point of difference between dimout and blackout blinds is the amount of light allowed to penetrate the material. In the case of blackout blinds, this second layer is much thicker which will restrict almost 100% incoming light through the material.  

Pros of Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds serve almost all the functionalities of their dimout siblings with some additions.  

Cons of Blackout Blinds

Like those of dimout blinds, it is essential to analyse the cons of blackout blinds as well:  

Take your pick!

Although blackout and dimout blinds seem similar, they do have their significant dissimilarities. Furthermore the advantages and disadvantages of each kind depends on the different kinds of variants of the products. Choose from a great variety of blinds and if you need any help, drop us a message.

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