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Published on 5th April 2022

If you want to change the remote configuration or delete the channel that operates a blind from a remote, use this guide.

Before removing the blind from a remote, you must have programmed another remote or channel to operate the blind. Refer to the Knowledge Centre for instructions on how to add a remote to your blind.

1. If you have 2 remotes connected to a blind and you want to remove 1 of them. You will need both remotes to complete this removal.

2. First, select the remote or channel on the control you’d like to keep. Ensure it is on the correct channel that controls the blind.

Single channel remotes

3. Press and hold the prog button on the back of the remote (that you want to operate the blind) until the blind moves up and down.

Prog button

4. Now take the other remote (that you want to remove). Make sure it is on the correct channel.

Single channel remotes

5. Press the prog button until the blind moves up and down.

Prog button

6. This remote is now removed and the blind is back in normal operating mode.

7. Check each remote to ensure that you have control of the blind with the remote you want to keep and the other is no longer operating the blind.

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