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Published on 5th April 2022

When your blind arrives, it will have already received 3 hours of charge. We still encourage charging your motor fully (an additional 3-6 hours) prior to installation.

1. To preserve battery charge, your motor is supplied in ‘Sleep Mode’. To Wake your motor, either attach the charger, or briefly press the program/reset button on the motor head. The motor will respond with an up and down movement.

Operating blind graphic
motor graphic


motor graphic

2. If you order a remote control with your blind(s), the control will be paired to the motor. Test your blind by pressing the down button on your control. The blind will move down and stop at the already set lower limit, based on your measurements.

Press the down button to send the blind to its current lowest limit
Single channel remotes

3. You can then use the Up button to raise the blind to the preset top limit. If you want to stop the blind at any stage, briefly press the My button.

UP button illustration

4. If you need to make any adjustments or have an issue with the operation of your blind, please refer to the Guides section of the website for more tips on getting your blind set up perfectly.

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